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Weed membrane

Weed membrane

Are you looking for a reliable solution to keep the weeds at bay in your garden? Look no further, Root Barrier Store has the solution you need. Our high-quality garden weed membrane is designed to provide long-lasting protection against weeds and keep your garden looking its best.

We understand that selecting the right weed membrane can prove daunting, which is why we only offer the best, trade-quality weed membrane available. Our weed mats are made from premium grade materials and are easy to instal, making them perfect for both professional landscapers and keen gardeners. Don't let the weeds be the winner in your garden – browse our selection of garden weed membrane today and enjoy an enviable weed-free garden.

What is a weed membrane?

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WeedSecure Pro weed membrane is the perfect choice for weed suppression. A permeable, heavy duty weed control membrane that can be used under gravel, bark or mulch. A versatile membrane with plenty...