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Japanese Knotweed Root Barrier

Japanese Knotweed Root Barrier

Our Japanese Knotweed Barrier, when correctly installed, will stop this highly invasive weed. Why not tap into our experience gained over the last 20 years as Root Barrier Distributors and Invasive Weed Specialists to ensure you get your root barrier just as you need it.

We recommend our CuTex root barrier since it's permeable, robust, and scientifically proven to be effective against Japanese Knotweed. These characteristics set CuTex apart from the competition because it can be used horizontally and vertically without other forms of protection (as is the case with other non-permeable barriers).

Vertical Barriers

Stopping Japanese knotweed encroachment is fundamental since spreading this weed from one property to another can be seen as a private nuisance. Our Root Barriers can be installed from 1.2 metres deep to deflect roots. However, we usually recommend at least 2 metres for an effective Japanese Knotweed Barrier.

Horizontal Barriers

The significant benefit of our CuTex Root Barrier is that it is permeable so it can be laid horizontally. Designed to be used below ground, CuTex must be returned vertically to the surface in most applications. 

Knotweed Burial Cells

CuTex is very robust and resistant to many forms of damage when compared to non-permeable barriers making CuTex ideal for lining Knotweed barrier burial cells. We can design and specify burial cells from cubic volumes. We also offer on and off-site welding to make up large format barriers.

Advantages of using our root barrier for Japanese knotweed remediation 

  • Creates a physical vertical barrier to block Japanese Knotweed.
  • CuTex can be formed into a sunken tray after a reduced dig excavation so to stop weak Knotweed rhizome, vastly reducing waste removal.
  • Reduces waste volumes that would otherwise go to landfill.
  • Reduces cost due to lower waste volumes being produced.
  • Unlike many root barriers, CuTex has specifically proven through laboratories testing to be effective against Japanese Knotweed.
  • Since CuTex is very robust, it avoids the use of protective boards/fleece/sand. This also speeds up install times on site.


We can design and specify root barrier to protect utilities and utility trenches from Japanese Knotweed. Please contact us for more information.

Temporary Work

We can design, specify and provide root barrier for temporary access tracks where the plant needs to cross areas of Knotweed for a short time period. Please contact us for more information.

How We Can Help

As distributors of CuTex, the leading Japanese Knotweed Barrier, we offer a complete design and specification service, we also install and can supply specialist tape for jointing, or we can weld barrier on site. Our range of CuTex root barrier is available from our online shop with quick delivery times.

Japanese Knotweed Root Barrier For Any Job